Rahma RAHMA is a neighborhood HELP for the elderly without Internet access or without Internet SKILLS
More than 1.4 million people in Tunisia are over 60, particularly exposed to the virus and in need of help - but without the Internet.
We are developing a solution accessible to everyone: a technology-based telephone service where older neighbors can submit their purchase requests. With an application in which volunteers can accept requests nearby.
Thanks to our technological platform and our artificial intelligence, wecan provide help quickly, safely and in a scalable manner.
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Everyday things become a challenge in times of crisis. These include basic food, drugstore and over-the-counter medication. JAR LE JAR RAHMA brings people together: people looking for help share their shopping lists with the community by phone or app. The helpers then go to the errand. In the end, they deliver the purchase to the front door - if possible without direct contact and with a minimum distance. In this way, unnecessary contact is avoided, people are protected and the health system is relieved. Our solution is also sustainable in the long term (e.g. care in rural areas, care for the elderly, blind people, etc.)

Transform your neighborhoods into Rahma with us.
Do you want to see for yourself what it looks like when you call our service? Try it!
Your data will be transferred to our database and your order will actually arrive in our application. If your order is not accepted, you will receive a call after 24 hours indicating that your order has not yet been processed, but you can extend the order.
The elderly are currently particularly at risk and need help, but often do not have access to digital neighborhood assistance.
A call to Rahma already helps.

Needy elderly neighbors: inside call Rahma number

A bot records demand - whether it's shopping or some other way

Our Rahma shows the demands in the neighborhood

Find a request near you and help the neighbors.

"How should I behave" for those seeking help
So that you are the best protected against infections, we have already developed detailed rules of conduct that meet the standards for you and our help seekers. So everyone is protected!
Our help seekers make a simple phone call via our free hotline * and your concerns are addressed via artificial intelligence systems Without any personal contact!
You can find out more in our FAQ.
The mission brought us together to provide safe and rapid access to neighborhood assistance for seniors without access to the Internet during the corona pandemic. We are convinced that everything is possible together!

Anas Chaibi

Student at Insat Tech lover