The crisis triggered by COVID-19 presents Tunisia and the world with unprecedented challenges - in particular for each other and for each other. The high risk of infection by the virus requires quarantining infected persons, suspected cases and members of high-risk groups. This leads to supply difficulties in the domestic environment. Even simple purchases.
At this key stage, Rahma makes it possible to effectively contact those seeking help without internet access by a simple phone call with assistants using the smartphone or with internet access through JAR LEL JAR RAHMA.
Thanks to our technological platform and our artificial intelligence, wecan provide help quickly, securely and scalably.
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Together better supplied

Jar lel Jar Rahma is a neighborhood HELP for people with Internet access We are developing a solution accessible to all: a web based application where neighbors can submit their purchase requests. With an application in which volunteers can accept requests nearby.

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The mission brought us together to provide safe and rapid access to neighborhood assistance for seniors without access to the Internet during the corona pandemic. We are convinced that everything is possible together!

Anas Chaibi

Student at Insat Tech lover